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Pure putting practice: Why it’s time for you to start using drills on the green

April 20, 2019

In the same way that you can’t add yards by blindly banging balls with a driver at the range, you can’t improve your putting stroke by simply rolling the same putt over and over, even if you switch up the length. Feedback is a constant necessity, no matter what you’re working on.

That’s why drill-based putting regimens are the fast-track to success. There are many to choose from. (Start at golf.com!) Just make sure to avoid any that force you to push against something—you’ll likely move the club in the wrong direction once you remove the resistance.

The drill I’m demonstrating below is one I use often with my students. I place an iron on the green just outside the toe of the putter, with the grip pointing away from the hole. The goal is to keep the toe of the putter as close to the club on the ground as possible from start to finish, ensuring a square strike. The beauty of it is that there’s nothing forcing you into a position. You have to do it on your own. That’s when the learning accelerates.

Angus Murray