This four-tee drill is a recipe for improving your putting

January 7, 2020

Talk to any of our GOLF Top 100 Teachers, and they’ll likely tell you some of the simplest drills around double as the most effective. That’s especially true on the greens, when you don’t want to get bogged-down in a bunch of thoughts that crush your confidence and leave you feeling confusing.

But working on your putting stroke is important for 99 percent of good putters, so how can we reconcile the two? With a simple drill that you can set up at home, in the office or on the practice putting green.

First, set one tee outside the toe of the putter, and one outside the heel of the putter

This is Tiger Woods’ favorite drill, because it helps return your putterhead to square and promotes a gentle arching putting stroke.

then, set two tees slightly more than a ball-width apart about five inches in front of the ball

The second two tees form a gate, which you’ll now try to putt through. It’s a failsafe that ensures your ball starts on your intended line, a fundamental for making more putts.