Best putting training aids of 2022: 9 devices to help you roll it pure on the greens

putting training aids

Want to improve your game on the greens? Check out these training aids that'll have you putting better than ever.


Welcome to GOLF’s 2022 edition of the Best of Everything, where we’re providing you with the, well… best of everything! In this edition, we take a close look at our favorite putting training aids. Check out our picks below or browse more items in our Pro Shop.

If you’re here, you’ve probably had some issues with the greens this year. If that sounds like you, don’t sweat it. Putting is a tricky part of golf, and when you’re struggling, the cup can look like it’s the size of a thimble.

It’s no fun when you stripe it like Tiger but putt like a weekend hack. Luckily, we’re here to help. There are plenty of options for improvement out there, and below, we’ve highlighted nine of the best putting training aids from 2022.

Check ’em out, or head over to GOLF’s Pro Shop for even more putting training aid options.

True Aim Marker

Finally, a proven tool that will take the guessing out of your game. Train, practice, and play with the True Aim Marker.

Developed by Bryson DeChambeau’s former caddie Tim Tucker, the True Aim Marker is the best way to read greens like a pro.

True Aim Marker

Finally, a proven tool will take the guessing out of your game.  Train, practice, and play. Developed by Bryson DeChambeau’s former caddie Tim Tucker, learn how to read greens like a pro.  303 Stainless Steel Permitted under the rules of golf Using True Aim flat, average, steep and severe lines, effectively predict break Tour Proven Made in The USA (Patent Pending)
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OnPoint 3 Rail + Coin Ball Marker

This 3-dimensional dome ball marker takes green reading to the next level. Learn to improve your setup, alignment, and distance control with an OnPoint marker.


Make more putts with the revolutionary 3 dimensional On Point ball marker! TWO markers in ONE  – The only patented 3 Dimensional dome marker and coin marker Permitted under the rules of golf by the USGA and R&A Improves your set-up, alignment and distance control Increases your ability to “see” the line  Creates “tunnel vision” – intensifies you focus and concentration Helps you read the greens and sink more putts Great for tournaments, events, and every day use Become a more confident putter and shoot lower scores Get the #1 ball marker in golf and lower your score today!
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GPOD Carbon Fiber

It’s the easiest way to mount and film your putting stroke or golf swing. Just stick the GPOD into the ground and stick your phone to the magnet!


Introducing our new GPOD CARBON FIBER…it’s the easiest way to mount and film your golf swing. Just stick the GPOD into the ground and stick your phone to the magnet! What we love about the new revamped GPOD is its ultralight carbon fiber body and adjustable head. The magnetic mount has 360 degree adjustability to capture all different angles. This is the first product you can film your putting stroke overhead perspective view! We made this with 6 Rare-earth Neodymium magnets, giving you extra confidence your device won’t fall off. It’s strong enough to even hold up your iPad (tablet). You can use it to film, view Trackman data, or stream your favorite sports games and/or tv shows.  The magnetic head is attached by a universal 1/4″ screw, which makes the GPOD Carbon compatible with all cameras including GoPros.  FEATURES AND COMPATIBILITY Works with any smart phone and tablet up to 3.5 lbs. Cradle-free design for one-handed use. Ultra light and strong carbon fiber body. 10x stronger than steel! 360 degree adjustable mount. Compatible with all camera accessories with 1/4″ thread. Compatible with GoPro. Use your device in Portrait or Landscape mode by simply rotating your device. Silicone cover protects your gear. The magnets are 100% safe for your electronics. Film/photograph unique angles and on different terrain in practice and on the golf course. Extremely stable vs. flimsy alignment sticks, won’t sway in the wind as much. Fits into your golf bag just like a club, except it weighs only 8oz. INSTALLATION Screw the Magnetic head to the ball head screw clockwise. Lock the magnetic head by twisting the black cylinder (on the ball head) against the magnetic head. Stick the GPOD into the ground. Stick the protective film then metal plate to the outside of your device/case or place it in between your device and its case (for maximum magnetic hold, place the metal plate to the outside of your device). Adjust the magnetic head to your preferred angle by twisting the knob.  Stick your device to the magnet and film! WHAT’S INCLUDED (1) Carbon Fiber Pod, (1) Adjustable Ball Head, (1) Magnetic Mount, (2) Metal Plates, (1) Protective Film PATENT PENDING  
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Putting Swing Arc

If you’re struggling on the greens, it’s important to iron out your stroke so you can get some sort of consistency with the flat stick. This Putting Swing Arc aid is perfect for that. It’ll give you a great visual of your stroke length and arc, and get you back to putting a pure roll on it in no time.

Putting Swing Arc

The Putting Swing Arc provides a great visual on your path and length of your putting stroke.  It is made out of stainless steel guaranteeing the consistency of the arc. Suitable for right and left handed golfers.
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Perfect Putting Mat

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean your game has to suffer. If you want to practice your putting indoors all winter long, give this mat from Perfect Practice a try. By the time the Masters rolls around, you’ll be putting as well as the pros (results may vary).

Perfect Putting Mat – Standard Edition

Trusted & Used by Over 100+ PGA Tour Pros!
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Putting Alignment Mirror

So you’ve got a mat to practice on. Now, you need a device that’ll give you feedback. This putting mirror is perfect for giving you a visual aid on where your head is when you set up and during the stroke.

Putting Alignment Mirror

What is the one training aid that every professional golfer carries with them? A putting mirror!  Keep your game sharp at home.  It pairs great with the Perfect Putting Matt
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Putting Chalk Pen

First, thank your lucky stars if you’re fortunate enough to have an outdoor practice space for the winter. Second, check out this chalk pen that you can use on the greens. It allows you to draw an easily erasable line on the greens and will give you a visual aid to aim for.

Putting Chalk Pen (3 Pack)

The Putting Chalk Pen is changing the chalk game. We’ve designed a simple, and ultra effective way of making a chalk line. Thanks to our special formula of liquid chalk, players can draw directly on the grass and then simply remove it after use with just a wet towel. Here are some of the many ways you can use the SGG Chalk pen: drawing a chalk line directly over a straight putt to work on start line. making a square zone on the putting green to work on distance control making a line on the range to work on low point control painting the club face to see where you’re hitting on the face 
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Precision Putting Laser

If you don’t want to mess with chalk on the greens, how bout a laser instead? This Precision Putting Laser will also give you an aiming aid on the greens, and you’ll look futuristic while doing so.

Precision Putting Laser

 Precision Putting Laser Think of yourself as a Sniper, and your putter is the  badass modified rifle that helps you lock on to your target. Our Precision Putting Laser goes on top of your weapon (the putter) and shows you EXACTLY how to perfect your aim, so you can feel more confident pulling that trigger. As we already know, 97% of players suck at aiming (see: Accurate Aim Kit) and if your aim is poor, you’ll have to make adjustments throughout the stroke to get the putter face aimed down the correct line in time for impact. This leads to inconsistencies and missed putts. The PPL comes with a tripod as well, which allows you to create a sort of “chalk line”- but this chalk line won’t ruin your hardwood floors. Click the Laser onto the tripod, align it with your target, and you have a clear visual of the line you’re trying to hit. *This laser is designed for indoor use, and is not visible in bright outdoor light*
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Cup Reducers

Once you get pretty good at putting, you might need to start making things more difficult in practice. That’s where these cup reducers from Short Game Gains come in handy. They reduce the size of the hole and force you to be extra precise to hole putts. Once you take them out, the cup will look the size of a basketball hoop.

Cup Reducer

The ability to narrow down your focus on a smaller target is something you will hear the best golfers in the world constantly talk about. With the help from the Short Game Gains putting cup reducer you can decrease the size of the hole two different levels. You can also put graphics on the actual cup to further narrow down your focus on a specific part of the actual hole. Putting to a smaller target in practice will also make the regular cup look bigger during the round which can increase your confidence and help you put a better stroke on your putts!
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