Play this fun indoor putting game to improve your speed control

At this point in social distancing, we’re all starting to get a little stir crazy. Luckily, last week provided some welcome distraction with the re-airing of classic Masters broadcasts to relive some happier times. But if you’re looking for more ways to distract yourself, putting coach James Jankowski has putting game you can easily set up at home and will improve your performance along the way.

The Lockdown Ladder Game

Alignment sticks
Golf balls
Two tees
Putting mat (optional)

The setup is simple. Take the alignment sticks and place them about 15 feet away from you. Then, place the two tees down about a foot apart nine feet away from you.

Now roll a putt that finishes inside the six-foot gap between the alignment sticks and the tees. Roll another putt and try to get it to stop short of the first ball, but still inside the gap. Continue rolling putts until you hit (or roll past) the previous ball, or run out of room for more balls.

The goal is to get as many balls as you can inside the gap, controlling your speed to maximize the number you can fit in the gap. This is a great drill for dialing in your speed while inside.

Speed control is hugely important if you want to improve your lag putting, so even though you may not have much space to work with, you can hone your speed control.

Check out the post below for the game’s origin.

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