How to hit the perfect low escape shot from the trees

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If you find yourself in the trees, take this tip from our friends at GOLFTEC to escape with ease and save par.

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Learning how to escape difficult situations is a key course management skill. And the higher your handicap, the more likely you are to find yourself in trouble, so it’s important to understand proper course management.

The most likely predicament you’re to find yourself in is dealing with tree trouble. Hitting in the woods is a common miss for recreational golfers, and so you need to know how to get yourself out of them.

For help with that, we’ve enlisted our friends at GOLFTEC.

What to do

First off, you need to select the proper club. Nick Clearwater, GOLFTEC’s VP of Instruction, recommends selecting the longest iron in your bag. With tree limbs to navigate, you’ll need to keep the ball low, so focus on forward shaft lean to deloft the club at impact. And once you settle on the club and proper angle of attack, use that shot every time you’re in the trees to eliminate any variables.

What not to do

Don’t try to change variables every time you need to escape the trees. As highlighted above, you want to eliminate variables, so don’t go trying something you’re not comfortable with. That means not trying to play the hero shot and shaping the ball all sorts of ways. Go with what you’re familiar with.

How to execute

Think about trying to dig the leading edge into the ground with little to no followthrough. Try to hold off the finish after impact and don’t break your wrist to keep the ball low. Practice it often and get comfortable with it to get yourself back into position every time you find yourself in the trees.

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