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Listen to Paula Creamer break down her key swing thoughts

February 18, 2020

Paula Creamer has one of the sweetest swings on the LPGA Tour. It’s a move that has guided her to 10 career victories including a major championship triumph at the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open.

But what is it exactly that makes Creamer’s swing so successful? She joined us to explain some of her swing thoughts. Watch the video above or read below for the breakdown.

Swing in a barrel

Creamer explains that a swing thought she likes to keep in mind is that she’s swinging in a barrel. This thought emphasizes the importance of turning and loading the weight on her right side and then getting through the ball and shifting onto her left side. This keeps her from swaying back and forth on the swing.

“I tend to sway and not load and use my lower half,” Creamer says.

Right foot behind the left

To stress the turning feeling, Creamer makes practice swings with her right foot behind where her left foot is lined up. This makes it easier to make a full turn back and exaggerates the feeling of a full turn. And then when she turns through the ball she tries to finish on her left heel. This way, she’s really getting her weight back onto her left side.

Pause at the top

Creamer says she tends to get quick on the transition at the top of the swing in high-pressure moments, so she tries to make a pause at the top to alleviate the issue. Though it is not as drastic as Hideki Matsuyama’s pause, the slight intermission is enough to keep her in rhythm.

“I’ve really got to be able to pause at the top,” Creamer says. “It just kind of slows my backswing down – everything. And then with that timing through the ball, I actually hit it farther.”

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