5 timeless Jack Nicklaus tips you can watch from home

April 3, 2020
Jack Nicklaus driving tips

Jack Nicklaus is the greatest major champion of all-time. When he talks about golf, listen, because his words are imbued with wisdom, forged from years of winning.

And so, we’ve been going back into the vault of our Flashback Jack series, hoping to gain some insight into one of the greatest golfers ever. There’s no better time than now, when we’re all stuck at home, to study up and hopefully improve our games along the way.

1. For longer drives, swing slower

A longer, slower swing will help you hit the sweet spot more often and complete your turn, rather than taking a “wild” swing, Nicklaus says.

2. Beware the too-strong grip

A grip that’s too strong may feel more powerful, Nicklaus says, but it’s not, because it prevents the golfers’ ability to make a full release of the club with the hands.

3. Find your bread and butter

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fade or draw, Nicklaus says, but find the one you’re most comfortable with and work on perfecting that shot shape.

4. Play golf from the ground up

Both the backswing and the downswing start with your feet, knees, hips, upper body, shoulders, arms, and then finally, the clubhead.

5. Coil and extend

The key to maximum power, Nicklaus says, is to make a wide turn on the backswing, and a wide extension through the ball.

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