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Flashback Jack: Start hitting bombs using these secrets from the Golden Bear

February 5, 2020

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your athletic ability is, or how skilled you are at golf—you possess the ability to generate tremendous amounts of power with your golf swing.

But the question isn’t just if you can do it, it’s how you can do it. In this week’s “Flashback Jack,” Nicklaus explains his secrets to generating power and gaining distance in your golf swing.

Get a grip

Your grip can act a lot like a gatekeeper for your swing’s potential, restricting power if it’s in the wrong place, permitting power if it’s in the right one.

“A correct grip creates power,” Nicklaus says. “It allows you to get a total release of the golf club at the golf ball.”

Widen your arc

Jack’s second tip to improve power is to widen your swing arc. Widening the arc is mainly a tool for improving swing path and attack angle.

The result should be a much shallower path to the ball, raising your likelihood of a well-struck shot at the center of the club’s “sweet spot.”

Keep yourself coiled

Jack’s final tip for maximizing power is really about maximizing potential energy. Getting yourself completely coiled is all about extending arm and shoulder rotation.

Improving rotation allows you to use your body’s natural movement and momentum to generate clubhead speed. If you’re able to coil completely, you’ll find yourself swinging faster without swinging harder, giving you a controlled method of adding distance.

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