Use a left-hand-low grip to increase your control around the green

October 25, 2018

The low runner is a must-have shot. Top 100 Teacher Joe Hallett shares a twist on a classic that makes bumping it close almost a no-brainer. The secret? Use a left-hand-low grip.


It’s totally common today to see both pros and ams using a left-hand-low grip when putting. The idea here is to remove the hands from the shot and create a stable, one-piece stroke, with the left hand, arm and shoulder working together. Being too handsy is also one of the biggest problems I see with bump-and-run shots. So here’s an idea: Hit them with your left hand low, too! Play the ball back slightly and use a putting stroke. You’ll be amazed at how much more control you’ll have with these shots. Your “pop and pray” will go away!

Joe hallett
Do the bump! Go left-hand-low and use a putting stroke for increased control around the green.