How using an elastic band can support better golf posture

I’ve spoken before about how my swing sequence has been off for a really long time, which frequently led to me dipping my front shoulder as I would come through impact with the ball.

But after talking with several top teachers and studying video analysis of my swing, there was a common theme I found I needed to fix to correct the problem: Focus on my golf posture.

Having good golf posture is so important for several reasons.

In a video posted to her Instagram account, GOLF Teacher to Watch Cathy Kim showed what the proper golf posture should look like
Here’s what many amateurs do wrong with their golf posture (and tips to fix it!)
By: Nick Dimengo

First, and most importantly, proper posture will allow your body to move in the correct way during the swing. With all the moving parts, your spine should serve as the Mothership, allowing your hips, back, hands and shoulders to do their thing as you come through impact.

Second, when your posture is right, it’ll help avoid injuries — which will allow you to play the game more efficiently and longer. That’s obviously a good thing.

So how can you easily work on your golf swing posture? According to Jason Baile, a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and director of instruction at the Jupiter Hills Club, just use an elastic band.

In the video above, Baile demonstrates a simple and straightforward posture exercise.

“There’s three parts,” he says. “I’m going to stick my heels together, and then I’m going to work my thighs outward. That’s going to turn my glutes on.”

Once you engage the glutes, Baile says to stand up straight and engage your core. From there, use the elastic band for some tension to work both your back and your shoulder blades.

“The next thing I’m going to do is raise my belt buckle. Now my core is engaged,” he said. “So I’m going to take this elastic band underhanded, [and work my] shoulder blades down and back, keeping the glutes engaged and the core engaged. These are the same types of things that we want engaged in posture.”

Quick, easy and efficient, this exercise is bound to help you achieve big gains by correcting your golf swing posture. Next time, give it a try!

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