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Fix Finder Fix of the Week: How to warm up in just five minutes

November 2, 2018

Golf is the type of game in which you can set yourself up for failure before you hit your first tee shot. That’s why a thorough but efficient warm-up routine is essential if you want to play your best. In this video, Top 100 Teacher Kellie Stenzel walks through the basics of how to warm up for the golf course in just five minutes.

Kellie is a GOLF Top 100 teacher who uses the Play With The Pros platform powered by Swing AI, too, so if you need some personalized advice to go along with your new warmup routine, check it out.

While it may not be a “fix” in the traditional sense, performing a proper warm-up can prevent you from having to make a load of fixes during your round (or on the driving range afterward).

Even if you’re rushing to the course to make your tee time, just follow these steps to be fully prepared in no time.

First, take out your wedge and hit a few half swings to get an initial feel. Once you’ve done that, hit two full shots with your wedge. Now that you’re comfortable with your highest-lofted club, it’s time to make you way through the bag. Start with your 9-iron, then hit a few shots with your 6-iron. After that, move on to a fairway wood or hybrid before finally hitting a few quality strikes with your driver.


At this point you should be loose and feeling relatively comfortable with your full swing. Now it’s time to prep your short game. Before you leave the range, attempt a few bump-and-run shots. Finally, quickly make your way over to the practice putting green to rolls of few putts.

Once that’s complete, you’ll be ready to play your best. Watch the video below to see all the necessary steps in action. And if you’re struggling with your game, check out Play With The Pros, powered by Swing AI, where a GOLF Top 100 Instructor will give you personalized swing advice.

Fix Finder Fix of the Week is our weekly highlight of the best tips from our free Fix Finder instruction video series.