How to use a bunker rake as a training aid to improve your swing

A bunker rake is a great tool for keeping the course tidy, but it can also be used as a training aid to improve your swing.

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There are tons of great training aids out there to help you improve your golf swing, and sometimes they don’t cost you much money at all. Take, for instance, a bunker rake. While it’s great for keeping the course tidy, it can also be used as a great tool for improving your game.

During a recent practice round at an LPGA Tour event, I was tidying up for one of the caddies in the bunker and realized the rake could be used to improve your swing. It’s long like a driver, and because of the shape of the rake, it can be used as a great game-improvement tool, too.

Check out below to learn more.

1. Setup

Grip the rake like you would a driver and set up in your normal stance. Take a look at where the rake is pointing, just like I am in the photo above. As long as your feet are parallel to the head of the rake, you can see exactly where you are aimed. This should help you get a feel for your alignment before you head out to the course.

2. Takeaway

Now, take the club back like you would take back a club to start your swing. You want the rake to slide along the ground down your target line. If you take it too far inside (above, left), or too far outside (above, right), the rake will show you your fault.

3. Impact

As you mimic your downswing with the rake and it approaches the ball, you should be able to see what the proper position feels like for a square clubface at impact. Get that rake head back to the position it was in as you took your setup and you’ll get the correct feeling of where your hands need to be in relation to your clubface.

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