This simple anti-slice drill fixes your bad over-the-top habit

Wondering how to fix a slice in golf? Top teacher Andrew Rice shares a simple drill that uses an alignment rod to help cure the issue

Wondering how to fix a slice? Top teacher Andrew Rice shares a simple drill that uses an alignment rod to help cure the issue.


Ask 100 amateur golfers what their biggest problem is on the golf course, and I’d bet 90 percent would say it’s slicing the golf ball. But just because slicing is what most of us struggle with doesn’t mean we just have to “play the slice” each and every time we tee it up.

How often do you or your slicing buddies just aim as far left as possible (for a right-handed player), accepting the fact that you’re going to curve the shot back toward the fairway? Probably a lot.

Let’s face it, though, this is no way to go through a round of golf. At some point, you need to figure out how to fix a slice — which starts by squaring the clubface byway of a proper swing path.

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There are 3 types of slices. Here’s what causes each — and how to fix them
By: Zephyr Melton

The best way to do that? Sorry, but it’s not going to the driving range and beating a bunch of balls over and over. Instead, it’s using training aids that provide instant feedback while hitting shots.

So to help you fix a slice, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Andrew Rice shares one of his most popular drills — which corrects your over-the-top tendencies — all while using nothing more than a simple alignment rod. Take a look below to see how it works.

How to fix your slice

So why does a slice occur? While there are a few different reasons, the most common issue is an open clubface from an over-the-top swing path.

But Rice says that using the drill above will cure the problem, turning your slices into more of a natural draw.

“The most popular drill of the entire season is this one right here,” Rice says. “So if you struggle with coming over the top and you get that clubhead dumped out and you want to get out of that, do this.”

Next, Rice walks through how to practice this simple anti-slice drill.

“Put an alignment rod into the ground and point it straight to your target,” he explains. “I’ve got the tip of the alignment rod about a grip length up off the ground, and I’m going to tee a golf ball directly underneath the tip of that alignment rod.”

The image below shows how the drill should look.

Rice demonstrates how to set up this easy anti-slice drill. @andrewricegolf

After setting up the drill, Rice uses a 7-iron and addresses his ball. As he takes a swing, he’s able to get instant feedback — if he hits the alignment stick, he’s still coming over the top and (presumably) slicing the golf ball. But if he misses the alignment stick, his swing path is correct, he’s compressing the ball, and he’s producing a more natural draw.

“Draws are a byproduct of a face that’s closed to the path,” Rice says. “So we need to get that clubface stronger, which is primarily the reason why so many people come over the top.

“Let’s get the face strong and really get the clubhead approaching the ball nicely from underneath that rod,” he adds. “If we do, we’ll hit some lovely little shots that start to the right and draw back.”

So as you learn how to fix a slice, this simple drill is a great first step toward making progress. By intentionally practicing it, you’ll start building muscle memory in order to avoid many of your usual bad habits.

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