How to finish balanced with every golf swing

Weight distribution is one of the most critical aspects to every successful golf swing. When a golfer’s weight is off and they don’t have proper lateral motion, they can find themselves sacrificing both distance and accuracy — which, in effect, adds more strokes to each round. This can create a “death move,” which is a common issue for amateurs and pros alike.

Since every golfer wants to finish with balance through each swing, instructor Gia Liwski decided to show what that looks like.

In the video above, Liwski demonstrates what it takes to stay balanced, making sure you finish on top of your lead leg, while “feeling stacked.” We break things down below.

What does it mean to finish balanced through your swing?

Says Liwski, “you want to be able to make a good golf swing and finish on top of your lead leg stacked. You want to feel your head on top of the shoulders on top of your hips on top of your legs. Nice and balanced, and relaxed.”

How can a golfer finish each swing balanced?

In order to get to that balanced finish every golfer wants, start with your posture. This means setting up properly, slightly bended at the knee with your butt out. Now let your arms dangle, slowly shifting your weight from front to back. Swing your arms back and forth, mimicking the motion of a golf swing — even if you’re not holding a club.

By doing this, Liwski points out that “you’ll start to notice that your legs will start to jump in. The arms and legs really need to talk to one another during the golf swing. So many times, we’re moving and pulling, and everything’s tight.”

Setting up for proper swing balance

The key to finding balance through your golf swing is to relax. By using the method above — shifting your weight from front to back, incorporating your arms and legs moving together — you’ll finish your swing nice and balanced.

Adds Liwski, “you won’t be nearly as heavy with the upper body, head and shoulders.”

“Now, with the club in your hands, go ahead and get set up with your posture. Relax the arms, and you can start [swinging] small, and just let everything turn through. You’ll also notice that my knees are kind of soft, and everything is on top of that left side, nice and stacked.”

Nick Dimengo Editor