Top 100 Teacher: Never do these 10 things if you want to lower your handicap

October 9, 2019

Golf is a maddening, often perplexing game. The journey towards trying to get better, no matter how good you are, never ends, and will always leave you feeling dissatisfied.

If you haven’t figured out by now, there is no secret. No one thing you can do that will magically fix everything. But there are best practices, which our GOLF Top 100 Teacher Michael Hunt wrote down for a student recently. Consider these your golden rules of what not to do if you want to lower your handicap, regardless of your current skill level.

So, what are they?

1. Don’t Practice

2. Play low percentage shots

Don’t be a hero.

3. Poor short game

4. No Focus

This might help with that!

5. 3 putt every green

Golfers’ ultimate unforced error.

6. High expectations

7. Poor course management

If you’re struggling to break 90 consistently, this is probably you.

8. High tension

9. Rush from car to 1st tee

Jack Nicklaus doesn’t, so there’s no reason for you to do it.

10. Negative attitude

You can see the full post below, along with more detail from hunt himself.

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How to get Worse at Golf 1. Don’t Practice – Hard to improve if you don’t practice. If you don’t know what to practice, ask a professional. Ask a good player. Research. Do something. 2. Play Low Percentage Shots – This is something I see so many times out on the golf course. Players trying to hit miracle shots out of the rough, trees, fescue, uneven lies, etc. Take your medicine and get the ball back in play. Advance it and move forward. 3. Poor Short Game – If you don’t know how to chip, pitch and hit a bunker shot, you are in trouble. Learn the basics of these shots and this can go a long way. 4. No Focus – Being distracted on the course is a sure sign of poor play. On your phone checking texts or emails does you no good. Stay at work and don’t play or only play 9 holes but be focused. 5. 3 putt every green – This is something you have to spend some time on. I would have you focus on two areas. Lag putting and short putts. Practice making lots of 3 foot putts. Then practice putting from over 30 feet. You would be surprised how little golfers practice this but wonder why they three putt. 6. High Expectations – Expecting to go out and play well when you haven’t put the time into getting better. If you haven’t been practicing or doing much of anything, you should be happy to hit 1 or 2 good shots for the day. That would be a successful day. 7. Poor Course Management – If you are driving it bad, put the driver away. Hit an iron off of the tee. Hit whatever club you can keep in play. Avoid hazards. Aim far enough away from the hazard to avoid the penalty even if you have to hit it in the rough. Hit to the openings of greens. 8. High Tension – Being really nervous or having a lot of tension is a bad recipe for golf. Try and relax and enjoy yourself. Shake out your arms, relax your jaw. Keep your chin up. 9. Rushing from car to 1st tee – This leads to so many things above. High tension for being late, no practice, no focus and not loose. This is most likely not going to go well. 10. Negative Attitude -Have a positive attitude. Enjoy your foursome and just try and hit a few good shots. Focus on those successful shots. A key putt. A great chip. Stay positive.

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