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Here’s a Hunch: Fix Your Posture and Stop Pulling Putts

Slumping forward in your putting setup hurts you in two ways: It aggravates your back, and it causes pulls — and lots of three-putts. How? Slouching gets your upper body closer to the ball, which lifts the toe of the putter off the ground and points the face to the left (bottom left image, No. 1). Now the good news: It’s actually easy to correct your posture and eliminate pulled putts. And you don’t even need to practice these three moves. Simply add them to your pre-putt routine and you’ll soon be rolling it right at the hole.

1. Get into your regular putting stance — yes, even if you slouch, like below.

2. Holding the putter in your right hand only, lift your arms and pull your shoulder blades together.

3. Sole the putter on the ground and add your left hand. Perfect — and pain-free — posture!