How to stay sharp in the offseason, according to 6 low-handicappers

January 17, 2020

It’s not always easy to keep the game sharp in the offseason, but it’s not impossible. At least according to some of GOLF’s resident low-handicaps, who are here to offer some helpful advice, golfer-to-golfer.

1. YouTube Yoga

Dylan Dethier (+3.3 handicap): Oh, man. Nothing formalized, but just trying to keep my body and mind ready for the new season. Some yoga on YouTube helps me stay flexible and ward off the badness of sitting in a chair for much of the day. Some trips to the gym for general strength and flexibility. I try not to go more than a couple weeks without hitting balls, even if it’s just in a simulator. And I keep my competitive fire sharp by beating Luke Kerr-Dineen in putting contests.

2. Invest In A Speed Training Program

Luke Kerr-Dineen (1.8 handicap): I have exactly one goal this offseason: Gaining swing speed. I’m an old man now — 30 years old. I’m sick of hitting it nowhere and if I don’t put in the work now, it’s only going to get worse. At 6’2″ and about 200 pounds, I’ve never really gotten enough out of my frame, because I never prioritized power as much as I should. But that’s going to change this season. I’m investing in the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, and am going to go through the company’s Level 1 training protocol. When the good weather rolls around, I’ll be hitting BOMBS.

3. Stick To A Regular Stretching Routine

Josh Sens (2.5 handicap): The upside to living in high-price, earthquake prone California is that there is no real offseason. So I’m able to maintain my usual low standards throughout the year. But I do think the best and easiest thing we can all do no matter where we live is to develop a regular stretching routine. It’s very hard to play golf well if you can’t turn.

4. Meditate And Eat Vegetables

Ashley Mayo (3.1 handicap): This offseason, especially since I’m a new mom, I’m doing everything I can to keep my game sharp without having to leave my apartment. That means meditating every day — I use the Headspace app and strive to complete a 10-minute meditation every morning; eating well — I load up on fruits, vegetables and lean proteins; working out — I recently started doing The Sculpt Society workouts from my living room and the burn I feel with Megan Roup’s “quickie” workout routines is significant; and thinking positively about my golf game —it’s amazing how impactful it is to speak nicely to yourself.

5. Make Swings Every Day

Joe Summa (4.9 handicap): Every northern living golf enthusiast’s worst nightmare, THE WINTER! The time of year when New Yorkers shove their bag into the back corner of a tiny closet. Staying in tune with your game over the offseason will enable you to start the season with lower scores while your buddies, who watched Netflix on the couch all winter, look for their balls in the woods. Getting in swings — no matter the location — will always benefit your body. Keeping that muscle memory from swing advice you got late in the season, helping to keep your body in motion. I find taking a wedge down to my basement and making practice swings keeps me loose and my mind in the game. If you can bring these swings to an indoor or outdoor range, even better! Long story short, don’t neglect your clubs. There is always something you can be doing to keep your eye on next year’s goal!

6. Find An Indoor Golf Simulator League

Emily Haas (8.4 handicap)This offseason, my friends and I are going to spend a lot more time at indoor golf simulators. Five Iron Golf and The Turn Manhattan, both here in NYC, help me get some swings in when the golf bug hits and it’s too cold to be outside. My friends and I couldn’t sync up our schedules to join one of the golf leagues they run, so we’re planning to create our own league of sorts. For me, a little friendly competition is always a fun way to stay sharp.