Your grip is your ‘navigator’ — these are the basics golfers need to know

Starting a round can be intimidating. The internal pressure we place on ourselves to perform is
elevated. All of the range time spent and equipment expense is put to the test on
the first tee. More pressure is external, coming from the intimidating shot in front of us, with a
group (or groups) watching.

A great example of these pressures converging can be summed up in the first tee shot at
Merion Golf Club in PA. The first tee is located close to the covered porch of the clubhouse
where all the groups behind you are watching while eating lunch. It’s a bustling scene of
conversation, silverware and ice cube-clinking Arnold Palmers. But once you take the
box and put your tee in the ground, all the noise ceases, and you can feel the eyes on you. (It’s
actually on GOLF’s Best 5 Opening Tee Shots right here.)

This cheat sheet will tell you whether you have the correct grip for your golf swing
By: Luke Kerr-Dineen

You steady your breath, select a target, and try to replicate the best swing you’ve made in your pre round range session.

You swing, and rip it right down the middle with everyone watching. At this moment, it can’t get much better.

You’ve validated your swing, driver settings, and gotten a fist bump from your playing partner.

A pure moment in golf. There’s nothing better.

How do you do this? It starts with your grip.

Grip basics golfers need to know

Think about your your hands are the navigators of the swing. They steer and influence the face of the club
through impact. When held correctly, the release of the swing is free and powerful. This way
both hands connect to the grip is unique to your structure, and determining the perfect match is

If you Slice, check the lead hand (glove hand) first. In your set-up, if the lead hand palm is not
on top of the grip, turn your palm to the ground while keeping the club face aimed at your target.

If you Hook, check the trail hand (lower hand on the club) first. In your set-up, if the trail hand
palm is under the grip, turn your palm to face the target while keeping the face of the club aimed
at target, too.

Give yourself a few dedicated practice sessions to perfect the positions of your grip. You will
solidify your routine and be ready for the first tee and rounds ahead.

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