This Fred Couples swing thought can help you generate more power

Fred Couples focused on his release to generate more power in the swing.

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Welcome to Golfer-to-Golfer, where we try to learn from all different kinds of avid players out there, in hopes that the rest of us can take away something that might improve our own games.

Fred Couples’ swing is one of the most enviable in the game. It’s got the perfect mixture of balance, rhythm and power. If you were to ask golf fans to assemble a list of best swings of all time, there’s a good chance Couples’ move would make the list.

But it’s not just the effectiveness that makes people lust over Boom Boom’s swing, it’s also the simplicity. When Couples swings, it looks effortless.

“As far as swing and techniques are concerned, I don’t know diddly squat,” Couples once said. “When I’m playing well, I don’t even take aim.”

If only it were that easy for the rest of us.

Us mere mortals might not be able to play with as much freedom as Couples does, but we can learn from what’s worked for him. And in the beginning of the video below, Couples explains one of his key swing thoughts that helps him generate power.

“For me, I try to make sure I make a full shoulder turn,” Couples says. “Once I start coming [down], my hips will come this way, but my club does not follow my hips, therefore getting no power.”

What Couples is explaining is the direction he wants the club to follow after impact. If his club were to follow his hips and rip to the left immediately after impact, he’d cut across the ball and get no power. Instead, he wants to get full extension with his arms to properly release the club.

“I release the club going down the line,” Couples says. “So learn to clear your hips and let the club go down the line and release it.”

If you can incorporate this swing thought into your own game, you’ll be able to generate tons more power. Just don’t expect it to look quite as good as Couples.

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