How to fix your hook and push with 1 simple drill

Golfer with flight path showing a two-way miss

Struggling with a two-way miss? Check out this simple drill.


If you struggle with an overdraw (like the dreaded hook) or pushes (shots that both start right and go right), you’re not alone. Even professional golfers have to work hard to combat these swing tendencies.

Tour pro Michael Visacki is one of those players. His tendency to swing to the right resulted in an over-rotation and hand flip though impact. The fix? A more neutral swing path, which will allow his hand path to come through on his belt line, as opposed to outside of it. That also prevents the clubface from closing too much on the follow-through.

Ready to work on your swing path at home? GOLFTEC is here to help, with drill that enabled Visacki eliminate both big misses.

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How to eliminate hooks and pushes

Michael Visacki’s follow-through to the right resulted in over-rotation and closed clubface.


If, like Michael Visacki, you suffer from hooks and pushes, the first thing to do is evaluate the root of your problem. For Michael, it was a tendency to follow-through to the right, which resulted in an over-rotation of his wrists.

The fix for Visacki? Making his follow-through on a more neutral swing path.


The best drill for Visacki turned out to be hitting small punch shots that enabled him to practice the feeling of keeping his arms on a more neutral swing path through impact. Ultimately, that will help keep the wrists from over-rotating and the clubface from closing. Bye-bye, hooks and pushes!

A more neutral swing path enabled Visacki to swing through the ball without over-rotating his wrists or closing the clubface.


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