Try these 3 stretches for a bigger backswing (and more power)

Stretching is a good way to increase flexibility, and with it, swing speed.

So you want to take consistently longer, straighter walks from the tee to your second shot. Don’t we all, my friend. There are all sorts of methods and machinations out there, from maxing out your credit card on gear to fancy footwork worthy of Dancing with the Stars. The most straightforward? Make a bigger damn turn.

I would if I could, you whimper. I’m not a Tour pro with a cadre of personal trainers and personal chefs at my beck and call. I’m not a member of a gym with machines so fancy that I’m not even sure what half of them do. I’m just a regular working stiff with a stiff back from sitting at my desk typing all day, every day. (Am I projecting myself onto you, dear reader? Maybe a little.) Bottom line: Read on and you’ll see that there is no good reason you can’t create torque like a highend sports car instead of a garbage truck. You don’t need to work with anything more complicated or expensive than a foam roller and an exercise band to do these three highly effective exercises that will, yes, turn knowledge into power.

For best results, perform a set of 12 to 15 reps three to four times a week.
For best results, perform a set of 12 to 15 reps three to four times a week.
Christian Hafer

T spine rotation on wall

The gear: TriggerPoint GRID 13-inch foam roller ($35); Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 ($90)

From a starting-blocks–like position with your arms extended and a half foam roller wedged between your hip and a wall to stabilize your lower body (A), slowly rotate your outside arm as far around you as you can, following its movement with your eyes (B, C). Return and repeat. This move creates more thoracic spine mobility for a fuller backswing.

The standing single-arm band rotation can help simulate a swing.
Christian Hafer

Standing single-arm band rotation

The gear: Perform Better Gray Cook bands ($43);  Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 ($90)

With an exercise band in each hand, get into your golf setup position (A). Keeping the left arm straight, rotate your chest 90 degrees by turning your (straight) right arm up and away, as if to the top of the backswing (B). Return to the start position and switch arms (C). By creating disassociation between your thoracic and lumbar spine (as well as adding lower-body stability), you’re upping your flexibility ceiling.

This exercise creates a bigger turn and better flexion.
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Half-kneeling T spin rotation with lateral spine flexion

The gear: Greyson Clothiers Maltese Camo Gotham hoodie ($125); Greyson Fulton Workout shorts ($85)Under Armour HOVR Infinite Reflect ($120)

From a half-kneel, with a club extend ed horizontally overhead (A), tilt laterally from your waist toward the forward-leg side (B). Tilt back to the start position (C), then rotate 90 degrees again toward the side of the forward leg (D). Return to the start position and switch sides. This exercise not only creates a bigger turn, it pro motes better flexion so you can remain in posture throughout your swing.

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