Golfers should eat more snacks on the course, according to Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods eats a snack during a round.

Tiger recommends eating a snack every two or three holes to keep your energy up and your focus on going low.

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With the PGA and LPGA Tours both on an extended hiatus due to coronavirus, players have had a lot of free time to fill.

For Lexi Thompson that meant breaking down her workouts for her fans and hosting live Q&As on social media. 

During one of these Q&A sessions, a fan asked Lexi if Tiger had ever given her any advice. 

Her answer? Yes. 

His advice? It was about on-course snacks. 

According to the announcers recounting the story on the PGA Tour Live stream during the morning wave at the Travelers, Tiger told Lexi to “eat as much as you can — every two or three holes.” 

One of Tiger's favorite mid-round snacks is a crunchy peanut butter and banana sandwich, which gives him all the protein, fat and carbs he needs to win.
PGA Tour players reveal their favorite mid-round snacks
By: Rachel Bleier

For Tiger, this means munching on a crunchy peanut butter and banana sandwich throughout his rounds.

Any advice from Tiger is generally good advice; he’s got the resume to prove it. So if he says you should snack, there’s a good chance you should snack. 

Golfers burn an average of of 400-700 calories per round when riding in a cart. That number jumps to 800-1200 calories per round if you choose to walk. (This calculator allows you to specify your scenario for a more personalized calories burned count.)

Either way, you’re bound to get hungry before your round is over. What’s more, snacking every few holes helps keep your energy up and your blood sugar level so you can stay focused on going low. 

So the next time you’re headed out to play, make sure you bring plenty of snacks to keep you fueled up on the course.

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