Three pre-round stretches to keep your back at bay on the golf course

August 1, 2019
Phil Mickelson stretches his quadriceps before teeing off.

Balky back? Let’s fix that.

Dr. Michael Mizhiritsky, co-founder of New York Joint & Bone Specialists, says there are important pre-round preventive measures. After a gentle rotation exercise — twisting your hips back and forth — stretch your hamstrings by reaching for your toes, with your knee straight, for 20-30 seconds per leg. For quadriceps, stand on one leg and bend your knee while holding onto an ankle. For your hip muscles, sit and cross one leg over the other and pull on the knee of your crossed leg while rotating your body in the other direction.

Follow these stretches with a range session that starts at 50 percent speed. Do the same stretches immediately post-round, with one addition: Find a spot to lie down and bring your knees to your chest.

Brady Riggs, a GOLF Top 100 Teacher, says to minimize pain and improve performance, stand closer to the ball with a narrower stance. See you on the tee!