Do this stretch to help you add serious yards off the tee

woman demonstrates stretches

Do this stretch daily — especially before you play — and you'll find those extra few yards your game has been lacking.

Stephen Denton

There are backswings, power rich and speed loading. Then there are tilts. Leans. Half turns. I see a lot of the last three with rec students. 

Let’s change that. 

Here to help is Morgan Hale (@morganhaleperformance on Instagram), part of our Dewsweepers coaching group. Check the photos above: Not only is this stretch great for helping your body move more functionally, but it will also help you learn correct movement patterns. 

Start with your hands on the club, shaft straight up and down (1). From there, turn and reach back with your trail arm as high and as far behind you as you can (2). Important: Keep the club stable. If it begins moving away from the target, you’re leaning and not turning. And since it’s just as critical to rotate correctly on the way through, continue the stretch. 

From the top, turn your body while moving your trail arm under the “gate” created by your lead arm and the shaft and extend as far as you can down your target line (3). Again, keep the shaft stable. Do this daily — and especially before rounds — and you just may find the yards your shots have been missing. 

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