Use these 6 exercises to power up your golf swing

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These exercises will add power to your swing.

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Everyone wants to add power to their swing, but it can be difficult to know where to start when you head to the gym. This six-part workout from TPI Certified Fitness Professional Madi Brown (@Golfitgirl on Instagram) will give you the direction and motivation you need to power up your game. These moves are relatively advanced, so try incorporating one or two into your next gym session. Be prepared to get your heart rate up and break a sweat!

1. Slam Skater Vertical

Grab a medicine ball, clear up some space and get moving. This exercise  is all about balance, and you want to put your entire body into it.

2. Split Power Jump

This is a twist on the classic split lunge. Make sure to keep your core engaged and focus on powering through your grounded foot.

3. Box Jump Variations

Most box jump workouts only require one box in front of you, but here, you’re going to want to put one to your left side as well. Madi says that the “transition to laterally will help us gain power on a different plane than just regular box jumps,” which is perfect for golfers.

4. Crunch to Slam

Bring your ab workout to the next level next time you’re at the gym with this move. You can modify it by starting the crunch on a bench and work your way up to crunches on a mat. This exercise is key for hip mobility.

5. Press to Skater

This move simulates the golf swing and will help you gain power to really get through the ball.

6. Weighted Power Jumps

Power up from the ground up with this explosive move. These will be effective with or without a weight, so feel free to give either a try.

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