WATCH: Rory McIlroy’s insane, distance-boosting quarantine workout

Rory McIlroy workout home

There are lots of ways to spend your time in quarantine. You can catch up on Netflix, read the books you’ve been neglecting for ages, clean your home, or even build a golf hole in your backyard. If you’re Rory McIlroy, you can use your home gym to spend that time a little differently.

The World No. 1 posted his workout on his Instagram story Sunday morning, providing a glimpse into the (ridiculous) way he’s staying in shape from home.

Rory McIlroy's INSANE workout

“Been getting a lot of questions about my workout routine the last few days,” McIlroy said. “Going to put up a few of the exercises I did today in my power/explosive session. I do this twice a week. Not about lifting too heavy, more about training speed. Hopefully could add a few yards to your drives!”

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of McIlroy’s power-lifting workout.

Instagram | @RoryMcIlroy

Landmine Press (four reps per side, four sets):

The landmine press is a fantastic muscle builder for your arms and shoulders. To do this exercise, set a powerful base, then focus on pushing the weight off your shoulder and fully extending your arm. Repeat the motion for four reps on either arm, doing the exercise for four sets. If you’re doing it correctly, the landmine press should help you build shoulder strength and core stability.

Instagram | @RoryMcIlroy

Landmine Press with rotation (four reps per side, four sets):

As any golfer knows, generating rotational power is a huge key to increasing swing speed. Adding the rotational element to the landmine press helps to strengthen the muscles needed to generate power throughout the swing, and also can help to protect from injury.

Instagram | @RoryMcIlroy

Box Jumps (four sets, four jumps per set):

For box jumps, lower-body explosiveness is the name of the game. The goal is to generate enough power with your lower body to propel yourself from a standing position to the top of a box. Start small with this exercise, gradually working up to a larger box. Your quad, hamstring and groin muscles will thank you.

Instagram | @RoryMcIlroy

Medicine Ball Slams with rotation (Four sets, three reps per side)

Medicine ball slams are another key rotational strength builder and injury prevention method. Med ball slams are one of the few exercises that simultaneously boost core strength and back strength.

Instagram | @RoryMcIlroy

Heavy Bag Strongman Flips (two sets, four over each shoulder):

Certainly not a drill for the faint of heart, this exercise requires throwing a huge amount of weight (120 lbs) over either shoulder. While a heavy bag flip is a great full-body exercise, it can place a lot of pressure on the knees and back and should only be done with proper form.

Instagram | @RoryMcIlroy

Speed Skipping (three sets, as long as you can hold it):

The final element in McIlroy’s power workout is a cardio exercise you can do indoors. Speed Skipping is a great way to elevate your heart rate and push yourself physically without having to travel outside. And we’re guessing after doing the rest of this workout, you’ll be too sore to travel far anyway.

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