How this one saying inspired a PGA Tour winner to lose 50 lbs

Scott Stallings is a card-carrying PGA Tour player with three victories to his name. It would’ve been easy, in his situation, to kick back and relax. But he wanted to be an even better version of himself. He hit the gym, and so Scott Stallings’ weight-loss journey began.

Almost a year later, Stallings is 50 lbs. lighter and in the best physical shape of his career.

Earlier this week, Stallings sat down with PGA Tour Entertainment and revealed more about his transformation. It started as a simple mission to improve his life and golf game. He started going to CrossFit, but there was one phrase that kept motivating him to keep pushing, as he explains in the video below:

“We gotta pay the man today. At first I didn’t know what that meant…I was ‘I don’t know what that means.” And he said, ‘You’ve got two things you can control: Your attitude and your effort, and the rent is due on both every day, so pay the man.”

Stallings loved the phrase so much that it’s become his daily mantra. He’s even got the phrase stamped on his wedges.

So, let’s all learn from Stallings. If a PGA Tour pro can motivate himself to lose 50 lbs., surely we can aspire to improve in all our own ways. And remember the key to it all: Pay the man!

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