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Grab a broom and a pillow and increase your swing speed from home

March 20, 2020

Sure, you’re stuck at home during the week. But with golf very much in play on the weekends, it’s nothing to be disappointed about. During your breaks between work, you can use your extra time at home to improve your swing so that when you do hit the course, you’ll come back better than ever.

We’re here to help with that. And so is Lucas Wald, an up-and-coming instructor who has a powerful drill to help you improve what he calls “connected rotation” (which you can read more about here), and increase your power along the way.

Wald recommends using an impact bag and PVC pipe (which you can buy here and here), but a broom and a pillow, empty cardboard box or weighted blanket works as well.

Once you’re all set up, take the pipe or broom to the top of the backswing, says Wald, and swing into the bag below with a split-handed grip. You’ll want do about 15 reps at a time, starting slow and working your way up.

You can watch Wald’s full demonstration by joining GOLF.com’s How To Hit Every Every Shot Facebook Group.

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