How to hit a go-to power fade, explained in 112 words

August 30, 2019

Editors Note: One of the most overlooked tools by everyday golfers is the importance of a go-to shot. Something you can rely on and hit, rain or shine, when you’re playing your best round ever or your worst. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, it just needs to be something predictable. For PGA Tour player Peter Uihlein, that’s a fade with his driver. Something he uses off the tee whenever he needs. Here’s how he hits it…

My go-to shot under pressure off the tee is a power fade. It’s a great shot to have in your bag, because it allows you to swing as hard as you want and is easier to control than a draw. My primary key to hitting a power fade is feeling like the clubhead is more open and in front of me on my takeaway.

I also like to feel as though I’m picking up the club more on my backswing. On my downswing, it feels like I’m dropping it straight down on top of the ball. That will help me come down steeper on the ball, which gives me that nice fade. — Peter Uihlein

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