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Watch our 4-part Honma ‘Power Practice’ series

January 15, 2020

Distance is the most important factor to improving your score. From pros down to amateurs, everyone wants more of it. So that’s why we put together a powerful combination of GOLF Science Lab’s Cordie Walker, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs, and HONMA’s new XP-1 Driver in this four-part “Power Practice” series, designed to increase your power off the tee.

In the first video, Brady helped Cordie fine-tune his setup, moving the weight from being too much in his heels to resting more in the balls of his feet.

Next, Brady gave Cordie a crow-hopping drill designed to help improve his sequence and weight shift in the downswing.

Then, Brady gave Cordie a practice regimen designed to help Cordie implement the changes while gaining speed.

And finally, he helped him bring it to the course.

Give them a watch, put it to work, and hopefully it’ll help you hit longer, better drives, too.