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Power secrets: Are you a launcher like Justin Thomas or a rotator like Dustin Johnson?

April 26, 2019

You’re either a launcher or a rotator. Which one is it? Here’s how to find out — and why you need to know.

Are you a launcher?

Golfers are often told to rotate hard through the ball. That works for some players. If you find yourself getting stuck in your downswing or hitting lots of fat shots, you may consider launching. Instead of staying in your posture and turning after impact, use the ground underneath your left foot to post up and get nice and tall through the ball. Picture Bubba Watson or Justin Thomas.

What to do about it: Stand tall!

Feel as though your arms and legs are straightening as you stand tall through the ball.

Justin Thomas is a launcher.
Justin Thomas is a launcher.
Angus Murray

Or are you a rotator?

If launching doesn’t work, try more rotation through the ball, a la Dustin Johnson. Focus on staying in your posture, and wait until you near impact before turning on the rotational jets (too much rotation too soon will cost you). It should feel like the club and your torso are moving left through and after impact.

What to do about it: Get down!

Rotators should feel as though they’re staying down and through the shot longer.

Dustin Johnson is a rotator.
Dustin Johnson is a rotator.
Angus Murray