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2019 PGA Championship: This is what Brooks Koepka’s Trackman stats look like

May 20, 2019

Brooks Koepka’s record is: Six PGA tour wins, four of them majors, including his second time successfully defending a major championship.

It’s not a coincidence that he plays his best golf on some of the game’s toughest tracks. Look at his Trackman numbers, and you can see Koepka has a game uniquely suited to majors.

Koepka, to put it simply, hits a power fade. As he talked about last week, he tends to hit between 2 and 4 degrees across the driver — the higher number happens when he’s trying to hit a more pronounced fade, he says — and swings down on the ball about 4 degrees with his driver, which is where all that compression comes from.

This swing of Koepka is from about 2017 (you can tell in part because he swings a TaylorMade M5 driver now, not the Nike version he’s using below). He’s numbers will have undoubtedly changed slightly as a result, but the overall themes will stay the same.

With his irons, it’s more of the same.

A controlled, compressed cut. It’s the key to his game, and was the formula once again for another major win.