Use this drill to help time a perfect release on every swing

This drill will improve your release.

Christian Hafer

Do you struggle with an early release (hint: weak shots that flare both left and right)? If so, I’ve got just the drill to help you. All you need is an alignment stick and a club. Hold the stick against the handle as shown. Make sure to grip the stick at the very end, so that a good length of it extends past your front hip at address.

From here, hit practice balls like normal (with an abbreviated swing) or clip a rubber tee on a range mat. As you do, you’ll immediately know if you’re guilty of an early release — the stick will strike the left side of your rib cage as you approach impact (same goes if you lose your “connection” with the club). The goal is to delay the rod striking your rib cage until the very moment you make contact with the ball (or tee). Go slow at first if you have to.

With this feedback, it won’t take long to kick an early release to the curb. If you still struggle, try more body turn than arm swing.

Kevin Sprecher teaches at Sleepy Hollow GC in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

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