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We asked 157 golfers to describe their game in one word. Here’s what they said.

October 11, 2019

One of my favorite things about our new game improvement Facebook group, How To Hit Every Shot, is how much of a community it’s become. Golfers share advice, ask questions, and often commiserate about their games. Earlier this week, I put that to the test by asking the group a very simple question:

How would you describe your golf game, in one word?

The responses came pouring in, and there was a clear winner: “Inconsistent,” which was the most-used phrase. The second-most used phrase was slightly more positive — “improving” — followed by another negative one — “fore”. “Erratic,” “fun” and “frustrating” were all honorable mentions.

You can see all the responses below in the form of a word cloud. To join the group yourself for free advice from Top 100 Teachers, follow the link here.