How a cookie could improve your golf game

Brittany Testa breaks down one of the most delicious golf drills ever.

Brittany Testa breaks down one of the most delicious golf drills ever.

Do this golf drill right, and a golfer gets a cookie. 

Do this golf drill wrong, and a golfer gets a cookie. 

Yes, Brittany Testa has developed the sweetest golf drill of any era, according to science. 

You need the cookie, a chipping club and a ball for the chipping drill. A little bit of space. And maybe a bit of an appetite. 

Place the cookie in your mouth. Take a chip shot. Don’t take a chocolate chip. 

“Right here, I have a cracker – you can use a cookie or anything that’s really easy to break with your teeth – and what you’re going to do is put it in your mouth and you’re going to try to chip without breaking it,” said Testa, the assistant professional at Maidstone Club in East Hampton, N.Y., on a video released by the PGA of America.  

“So this is a good challenge and helps you develop a softer feel at impact so you don’t get quick and a little bit yippy.”

Testa placed the cracker in her mouth. She took the shot. She didn’t take the saltine.

“I know a lot of you guys are stuck inside and haven’t been able to practice your chipping and have kind of lost your feel maybe over the winter months,” she said. “So this is a good drill.”

And a delicious drill.

Of course, it might be good not to start off with the best cookie in the bag.

You want to not bite and get better. You don’t want to bite and get bigger. 

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