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Why you should watch Chris Como’s new Golf Channel show

August 10, 2019

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Chris Como is one of the most well-known golf instructors in the sport, having coached the likes of Tiger Woods and Trevor Immelman.

It’s not every day that your run-of-the-mill weekend warrior gets the opportunity to receive a lesson from a coach of his stature. Well, that day has come—with access to Como himself!

He’s the host of a new, eight-episode show on Golf Channel called Como Concepts, where Como and a plethora of golf experts provide viewers with proven advice on how to become better and more consistent players. It’s a well-produced show, and Como is one of the most articulate instructors in the game.

(Photo by: Zach Stovall/Golf Channel)
(Photo by: Zach Stovall/Golf Channel)

The Best Part: Becoming a better golfer involves more than just taking practice swings. It encompasses a variety of stretches and exercises that contribute to the whole well-being of a golfer. Como Concepts incorporates just that. While some episode segments dig deep into swing technique and maintaining proper body positions when striking a ball, others focus on stretches and fitness routines that you can use when working out. Rather than come away with just one technique or advancement from watching Como’s instructional series, viewers will possess an array of tools that they can apply to their games.

Takeaway: Watching one episode and applying the broadcasted tips isn’t going to turn you into Tiger Woods. But the skills learned in Como Concepts will help you become a more well-rounded player. If you miss the telecasts during the show’s eight-episode run, seek out the video excerpts on golfchannel.com. Your game will thank you for it.

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