This new kind of bunker rake is pretty ingenious

September 8, 2019

We all know what golf rakes look like, otherwise knows as “rakes.” Points on the end, and when you comb them through the sand, they leave rake marks, as rakes tend to do.

But that’s kind of a problem, because it creates a slight asymmetry for golfers.

Hit your ball into a recently-raked bunker and your ball could get into a notably worse lie than a fellow player who hit their ball into a bunker that wasn’t previously raked.  And that’s predicated on the person before you actually raking the bunker well. Often times, golfers just quickly use the rake to push sand around in big mounds, which can be really punishing for golfers.

Maybe it’s just part of the game, but it just seems imperfect to me.

But no more! The nation that invented golf has come through yet again with a brilliant new kind of golf rake.

Because of the circular design, it spread the sand around nice and evenly. And better yet, you can’t leave big mounds of sand waiting for golfers behind you because you’re not actually pushing the sand around. You’re dusting it, which keeps things more fair and more fun. It appears to be motorized, too, which only makes things even easier.

Bravo, Scotland. I want to hit my ball into one of these bunkers.