How to play ‘Bubba golf,’ according to Bubba Watson

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Bubba golf is a signature for Bubba Watson.

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Bubba Watson not only has a unique swing, but he’s also got a unique way of playing the game, commonly referred to as “Bubba golf.”

But how does one actually play Bubba golf? It’s tough to nail down, but this week on Claude Harmon’s Off the Course podcast, Watson joined the show and shared his take on how to play his famous brand of golf.

“It’s about having fun,” he said. “Just goofing around and having a blast.”

Watson did say that at times that’s easier said than done. When he’s playing alone at home and away from the trappings of professional golf, the game can feel easy. But when he’s on Tour and feeling the burdens that come from being a professional athlete, it’s easy to stray from his own advice.

bubba watson and tiger woods
What Tiger Woods taught Bubba Watson during practice rounds
By: Zephyr Melton

“I’m worrying about if people are judging me and if people are making fun of me,” he said. “We all want to be loved. I’ll be the first one to raise my hand and tell you that I want to be loved. I don’t like seeing people make fun of me.

“Let me make fun of myself,” he continued. “I don’t need everyone else to make fun of me.”

Bubba golf is all about having fun.

Check out the entire Off the Course podcast below.


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