Breaking down this golfer’s bizarre backswing (but she still hit a great drive!)

December 20, 2018

I don’t like making fun of people’s golf swings. Why? Because golf is really hard. If you’re enjoying yourself and getting the job done, then more power to you.

Which brings us to this golfer’s, um, “unconventional” move.

Let’s break it down.

Takeaway is a little flat. And when I mean a little flat I actually mean, very flat. The club is working so far around her body she’s almost completely spun around.

She then overcorrects by going very long and very steep. Elbow’s flying and she’s come completely out of her posture.

But she made good contact with the ball here, because she gets into a decent position on the way back down. Here’s her position halfway through her downswing. She’s casting the club so it’s not super-powerful, but all things considered, it’s not bad.

But look at her impact position! The most important position in the golf swing, and this one is pretty solid. It’s why she can make good contact with the golf ball — regardless of what came before it.

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