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Breaking down the effortless swing of Bobby Jones

April 8, 2020

With would-be Masters week here, what better time to take a look back at the man who founded Augusta National, Bobby Jones. Specifically, let’s take a look back at the swing that produced seven major championship wins (13 if you count the five U.S. Amateurs and one British Amateur) and a place among the legends of the game.

Instruction editor Luke Kerr-Dineen took the reins on this video breakdown so watch the video above or read below for more on Jones’ iconic swing.

The first thing that sticks out about Jones’ swing is his impeccable tempo. He looks in complete command of the golf club all the way through his motion. As LKD puts it, it’s “maybe the best in history.”


“Low and slow” is a term often used to encourage a proper takeaway, and Jones does that to perfection. And once he reaches the top of the swing, there is no rush on the transition; just a pure steady motion.


Jones had extraordinarily soft hands during the swing. They were so soft that on the backswing, his clubhead lagged behind his hands with a soft hinge in the wrists.


You’ll notice the club is across the line at the top, but he mitigates this by rerouting the clubhead to initiate the downswing. This was one of the keys to his sweeping draw and why he is regarded as such a powerful driver of the ball.

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