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Big hitter quick fix: Swing left to drive it right

March 20, 2018

Are you a big hitter who has trouble consistently keeping the ball in play off the tee? You’re not alone. When the pressure is on and you absolutely have to find the fairway, you desperately need a go-to drive, something you can take to the course with confidence and execute at any time, on demand. The high fade is exactly what you’re looking for.


To hit the high fade, aim your feet at a spot approximately 20 yards left of the target, then set your hips and shoulders parallel to your toe line. Place the ball well forward in your stance, opposite the big toe of your front foot, like the illustration below. These adjustments will encourage a swing direction that is out to in — that is, to the left of your target.


Take a couple of rehearsal swings above the ball, swinging the club at a spot about five yards closer to the target than you aimed (in other words, about 15 yards left of your target). Then set the clubhead down behind the ball and pull the trigger, again swinging 15 yards left of your target. Strive for level contact — you want to just nip the top of the tee. The ball should start out slightly left of your target and gently curve back to the center of the fairway on a nice, high trajectory.