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You can get closer to the perfect golf grip for only a penny

Luke Kerr-DineenBy Luke Kerr-Dineen   /   By Jeff Leishman
November 15, 2019

You see a lot of strong grips on the PGA Tour. But that doesn’t mean you should make yours strong, too. Elite players know how to accommodate a strong hold; if you don’t, you can end up with a serious case of the hooks. I suggest starting with a neutral grip, which provides the foundation most golfers need to keep wild shots at bay.

To get one, grip the handle with your left hand only. Rotate it to the right so that when you look down at your hand from an address-position perspective, you see only your first two knuckles. Next, grab a penny from your pocket and place it on top of your left thumb. Now place your right hand on the handle (again, only two knuckles showing), making sure the crevice of your palm sits on top of the penny. When you swing, keep right-hand pressure on the coin so it doesn’t fall. You’re now “connected” to the handle—and ready to make a mint off your buddies.