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Back to Basics: How using a metronome can improve your tempo

January 15, 2020

Short game is the backbone of any great round of golf, but it can also be the most difficult area of the game to see improvement. Too often players fail to understand the fundamental concepts of getting the ball up-and-down.

One of the easiest ways to see this improvement is a conscientious effort to have smooth tempo. Instructor Nathalie Filler recommends using a metronome while practicing chip and pitch shots can help instill the solid tempo needed for a consistent short game.

“If you set it to around 70 beats per minute, and you just listen to it while you practice, you can do pitching, chipping and putting with this,” Filler said.

She likes to use a metronome app on her phone — or you can buy a fancy one like this, they both work just as well — and place it near the ball before internalizing the tempo from the machine.

Filler counts the rhythmic one-two in her head as she makes practice swings, ensuring a consistent cadence. With that same tempo in her head, she steps into the ball and clips the ball off the turf.

“If you can have great tempo on these shots, you’re going to see better results on the golf course,” Filler said.So next time you can’t seem to make solid contact on shots around the green, download a metronome app and internalize its tempo for a more consistent strike.