The trick to hitting solid shots from a downhill lie, according to a Top 100 Teacher

One of the most difficult shots for any amateur golfer is the downhill lie, as it makes the positioning of the body always a little bit wonky. But there are ways to make the shot a little bit easier for those who often struggle with this type of shot, allowing for better contact and a better result.

In the video above, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose says the most important part of any downhill lie is focusing on your set up. This means distributing your weight towards the front foot, and making sure your shoulders are parallel with the ground.

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Mike Bender describes the proper technique for hitting out of a downhill lie from a greenside bunker
Use this technique to overcome a nasty downhill lie in a greenside bunker
By: Nick Dimengo

By simply focusing on this set up, Rose says you’ll “give yourself a chance of hitting right at the ball, instead of behind it or in front of it.”

As for determining which club to use on a downhill lie, Rose reminds players that their feet will be on a hill, meaning a lower club with a longer shaft is typically the choice. However, give yourself options depending on how much loft you want or need for the shot.

“When you’re on a downhill lie, remember that, when you’re standing with the hill, whatever club you’ve chosen is actually going to be a little less in loft. This means the ball is going to come out lower — so factor that in. If you don’t want it to go too low, go up a club.”

Finally, Rose breaks it down simply, saying the three most critical parts of hitting a downhill lie are as follows:

  1. Setting up
  2. Weight distribution on your front foot
  3. Making your shoulders parallel to the ground

By following these tips from Rose, players of all skill levels can master the downhill lie, leading to better shots and opportunities for lower scores.

Nick Dimengo Editor