This Top 100 Teacher has a drill for you to hit crisper irons

August 19, 2019

You hear talk of getting “open” in a golf swing, but what exactly is that?

In a nutshell, getting open is when you open your hips and shoulders at impact more than they were at address. This really is a golden position, because it allows you to manage the clubface, path and angle of attack so you can hit the ball straighter, crisper and with better control. There are a few common denominators in all good swings; this is one of them.

A common mistake is to ‘open’ too early. This results in a ‘spin’ from the top that causes the club to drop into a steep orbit. The natural reaction is to try to get the club back on plane later in the downswing, but then your hips and shoulders end up (incorrectly) square or even closed at impact.

Clearly, that will not allow face and path control. The key is to shift toward the target slightly in your transition to be able to shallow the club. From there you can open your upper body and torso.
Remember, the timing of when your body opens is vital.

Try this drill: Put an alignment stick through your front belt loops. Plant another pole in the ground about half a grip behind and slightly outside your lead heel. Try to make the pole in your belt loops ‘click’ onto the vertical pole as you hit the ball. Do it hard and fast and try to time the two. It’s great auditory as well as kinesthetic feedback. The better you do it, the better you’ll hit it!