This ‘fancy footwork’ drill will help neutralize your swing path and improve your weight shift

By Nathalie Filler   /   Luke Kerr-DineenBy Luke Kerr-Dineen
August 17, 2019

Many golfers struggle with swing path; either it’s too much in-to-out or too much out-to-in. In order to be successful on the course, you need to find that  happy medium.

When your swing path is too much in-to-out, it’s not just the club that’s traveling out to the right. It’s also your body weight, from your right heel out to the toes of your left foot. As your weight shifts, it pulls the club out to the right of the target line. (The opposite happens if your path is too much out-to-in.) As you can imagine, it’s easy to lose balance—and a ton of shots out to the left and right— when this happens.

Changing a motor pattern can be difficult, but don’t worry. The following footwork drill will have you fixed in no time.

If you’re swinging too much from in-to-out, place all of your weight in your right toes and left heel (photo, above) and try to hit shots while keeping your feet in this position. It will force you to swing more to the left, because the club will naturally want to follow the direction that your body weight is moving.

The result? A more neutralized swing path.

If  the ball still isn’t curving the way you want it to, you need to look at the clubface to be sure it’s squaring up to your target at impact—it may be too open or closed. Path aside, the clubface always has to match the shot you are trying to hit.