Rare old video shows what an amazing ball-striker Moe Norman was

August 13, 2019

I’m having a bit of a crisis in my own golf game at the moment. I won’t go into details, but it rhymes with the “thanks,” and I’ve got them pretty bad.

But anyway, enough about that. Because in a desperate search for answers last night, I stumbled across this video of Moe Norman that really is quite brilliant. We’ve all heard stories of Moe Norman’s prowess from tee-to-green, but it’s hard to truly understand how good he was, especially for younger generations of golfers who were never able to see him hit balls in person. 

That’s why this video is so much fun. As it denotes multiple through the video, the footage below is completely unedited. It’s an almost eight minute clip of Moe Norman simply hitting golf balls at a pin. They’re just little wedge shots, probably about 100 yards away, but the consistency of his approach is truly amazing. Of about 50 balls (which he rifles through at record speed), almost all of them end up within five feet, and and a handful of ‘bad’ ones ended between 12 and 25 feet.

Check it out…