9 things every golfer should keep in mind to be safe on the course

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Back2Golf has laid out nine social distancing guidelines as golfers return to the course.

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As golfers emerge from their homes and head back to the course, it is important to recognize some of the new safety measures that are being implemented to keep the game safe for all. There has been plenty of innovation over the past two months such as inverted cups, pool noodles in the holes and even a nifty invention for snagging your ball from the hole, but even with these measures in place, there are still other things we can all do to keep everyone safe.

That’s where the Back2Golf initiative comes in. Back2Golf is a collaborative effort between the game’s allied organizations which outlines a plan of operational guidelines for golf facilities around the country which adhere to health safety guidelines and best practices.

Back2Golf has a three-phase approach for safely getting back to normal on the golf course, which you can see here, but for the first phase, social distancing is key. Here are the nine things every golfer should keep in mind as they get back to playing golf.

social distancing guidelines
Follow these steps to be safe on the course. Back2Golf

1. Always stay six feet apart from others

This shouldn’t be a problem while on the course but be sure to be conscientious of your spacing in common areas such as the clubhouse, range and putting green.

2. Stay home if you have a fever or feel sick

We all love golf, but if you feel ill please stay home. The course will still be there when you get back on your feet.

3. Avoid large gatherings

Like rule No. 1, this one should be easy on the course but be careful before and after the round.

4. If in doubt, don’t touch it

Did the group ahead of you take out the flagstick and pass it around before replacing it? Maybe putt with the pin in today. Lucky for you, it’s totally legal.

5. Always mark your ball clearly

Make sure you can clearly identify your ball so you don’t accidentally grab the wrong ball while searching in the woods,

6. Wear a facial covering when taking a lesson

If you are going to be in close proximity to someone for an extended period, it’s probably safer to wear a mask. Might we suggest these new GOLF-branded beauties?


Made in partnership with GOLF.com, this 3-pack of masks features new designs for golfers. Proceeds go to the Golf Emergency Relief Fund, providing short-term financial assistance to those facing hardship due to COVID-19.

7. Avoid handshakes and high fives

A nice fist bump will do for the time being.

8. Respect the game and all involved

Pandemic or not, this is something you should be doing at all times.

9. Remember to wash your hands after playing

Soap and water for at least 20 seconds!

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