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3 steps to a perfect putting stroke

February 13, 2018


The best putting strokes feature a slight arc on the backswing and a matching arc coming through. It’s what allows your putter to glide smoothly and start the ball online. To get it, lay your wedge on the ground next to the ball as shown.

[image:14068911]2. RIDE THE TAPER

Point the clubhead at the right side of the cup (straight putts are best for this drill), and check that the ball is resting about two inches ahead of the base of the grip. Sole the putterhead behind the ball and begin your stroke.

[image:14068913]3. MAKE MORE PUTTS

As you swing the putter back, try to keep the toe of the club as close to the wedge’s grip as possible. Because the handle on your wedge tapers, guiding your putter alongside it automatically adds a small arc to your stroke. That’s perfect! Simply retrace your stroke on the way through and you’ll be draining putts all day.

[image:14068912]TOUR APPROVED

This is one of the few training drills you might see Tour players using on the practice green before their round. Pros like to get into the groove too!