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vokey wedgeworks l grind

WedgeWorks' L Grind is currently used by 6-time PGA Tour winner Max Homa.

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Max Homa is one of a handful of pros who relies almost exclusively on Vokey‘s L Grind lob wedge, going all the way back to 2019 when he made the switch from a 60.08M to a 60.04L. Homa was going through contact issues and thought more bounce could shore up the inconsistency, but Vokey Tour rep Aaron Dill had other thoughts.

“He came to me, and he said, ‘Hey, I feel like my bottom’s a little off,'” Dill said. “And he was thinking, ‘I need to increase the bounce to find my strike, feel a little more comfort, get a little more forgiveness out of this club.’ Reality was he had to go the other direction. He needed to go with less bounce because his club path was [delivering the sole into the turf] too early. So we switched him from M to L, and that cleaned up the delivery and he got to the ball a little bit faster with less resistance. That brought the launch down, increased the spin.”

The switch just happened to coincide with Homa’s first win at the Wells Fargo Championship. He’s been Team L Grind ever since.

vokey wedgeworks l grind
The raw finish found on Vokey’s WedgeWorks L Grind will rust over time. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

It’s important to start this writeup on Vokey’s new WedgeWorks L Grind lob wedge with a story about a pro as a reminder that the L isn’t for everyone. Designed with a paltry 4 degrees of bounce, the L is ideal for golfers with a shallow attack who want a low bounce option with relief in the heel, toe and trailing edge.

As you’d expect, removing material from all three areas allows the leading edge to sit close to the ground, making it an ideal offering for tight lies or firm conditions in both the square and open position.

However, even though it’s designed for golfers with elite hands, it has slightly more protection from excessive digging compared to the other low-bounce options in Vokey’s lineup.

“The L Grind is for the player looking for the versatility of a low bounce wedge,” said Dill. “It’s really the perfect balance of ‘I want versatility, but I also want a little forgiveness to go with it.’ The forward bounce on the L helps reduce dig, but players are still able to open it up and slide under the ball easily. It’s a great option for players looking for a little bit less bounce.”

vokey wedgeworks l grind
The L offers relief in the heel, toe and trailing edge. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

On the Tour side, seven of the top 10 players in the Official World Golf Ranking currently play a Vokey Design lob wedge with 6 degrees of bounce or less for added versatility.

Vokey continues to put a high value on spin with individually cut TX9 grooves. The Spin Milled cutting process, introduced last year with SM9, tightens tolerances by using a cutter to create the entire scoreline instead of a partial scoreline. The cutter is now cutting the groove to the end of the parallel texture to give it an even more precise geometry from one groove to the next. Micro grooves individually cut in between each groove add bite on partial shots around the green.

Vokey’s WedgeWorks L Grind retails for $225 and comes in two lofts (58.04L and 60.04L) with a raw finish.

Titleist Vokey WedgeWorks SM10 L Grind Custom Wedge

The L Grind is a popular choice with players who seek a low bounce option with heel, toe, and trailing edge relief.  The L Grind has a leading edge that sits close to the ground and works well on tight or firm lies in a square position or open position.  The L Grind was born out of Master Craftsman Bob Vokey’s work with players on the PGA TOUR and across the worldwide professional tours. The pool of input runs deep, as Vokey Design models account for more than half of all wedges at a PGA TOUR event during any given week. Vokey and longtime tour rep Aaron Dilltake that extensive feedback to consistently deliver new, tour-validated designs. The WedgeWorks Low Bounce K features 4° of bounce and is available in 58° and 60° lofts in Right Hand and 60° in Left Hand and a Raw finish.
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